Lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware architecture

Sagar, V V V (2008) Lossless data compression and decompression algorithm and its hardware architecture. MTech thesis.



LZW (Lempel Ziv Welch) and AH (Adaptive Huffman) algorithms were most widely used for lossless data compression. But both of these algorithms take more memory for hardware implementation. The thesis basically discuss about the design of the two-stage hardware architecture with Parallel dictionary LZW algorithm first and Adaptive Huffman algorithm in the next stage. In this architecture, an ordered list instead of the tree based structure is used in the AH algorithm for speeding up the compression data rate. The resulting architecture shows that it not only outperforms the AH algorithm at the cost of only one-fourth the hardware resource but it is also competitive to the performance of LZW algorithm (compress). In addition, both compression and decompression rates of the proposed architecture are greater than those of the AH algorithm even in the case realized by software.Three different schemes of adaptive Huffman algorithm are designed called AHAT, AHFB and AHDB algorithm. Compression ratios are calculated and results are compared with Adaptive Huffman algorithm which is implemented in C language. AHDB algorithm gives good performance compared to AHAT and AHFB algorithms. The performance of the PDLZW algorithm is enhanced by incorporating it with the AH algorithm. The two stage algorithm is discussed to increase compression ratio with PDLZW algorithm in first stage and AHDB in second stage. Results are compared with LZW (compress) and AH algorithm. The percentage of data compression increases more than 5% by cascading with adaptive algorithm, which implies that one can use a smaller dictionary size in the PDLZW algorithm if the memory size is limited and then use the AH algorithm as the second stage to compensate the loss of the percentage of data reduction. The Proposed two–stage compression/decompression processors have been coded using Verilog HDL language, simulated in Xilinx ISE 9.1 and synthesized by Synopsys using design vision.

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