Design of Decoupler and Performance Analysis of A Distillation Column

Sethi, Manash Kumar (2012) Design of Decoupler and Performance Analysis of A Distillation Column. MTech thesis.

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The main aim of this thesis is to control the basic parameters of distillation column .The distillation column is basically a MIMO process that means all the inputs and outputs are coupled to each other. It is very difficult to control such type of process so, we have to reduce or eliminate the interaction between the inputs and outputs. Therefore the process can be converted to a single input and single output system (SISO).In order to convert the MIMO system to SISO system it is necessary to design a decoupler which will eliminate the interaction among all the inputs and outputs.My focus is here to design that decoupler, which is very difficult to design when the process variables are more. It is easy when we consider TITO system. When we consider a ‘three input and three input’ and ‘four input and four output’ system it is necessary to follow some methods like RGA and RNGA methods. After getting those parameters we have to follow the ETF method so that the decoupler will be designed. After designing the decoupler, our aim to be controlled the distillation process. Here I am using PID controller to control the process. In order to design the PID controller we basically emphasized on the tuning parameters of the PID. To get the tuning parameters we must follow certain methods such as Ziegler Nichols, Cohen coon and decentralized relay feedback methods, BLT methods etc. Here we are using decentralized relay feedback method in to do the tuning of the controller. After tuned the PID .We will get the desired output what we actually want to get.The result was obtained and shown that implemented work is successfully done. Finally the interactions are rejected and the process was controlled.Here all the simulations are done by the MATLAB tool and Microsoft window 7operating system

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:MIMO,SISO,PID,Distillation Column,Decoupler,RGA,RNGA,ETF
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Instrumentation
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Deposited By:Mr MANASH SETHI
Deposited On:22 Jun 2012 14:06
Last Modified:22 Jun 2012 14:06
Supervisor(s):Dan, T K

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