Study of friction welding

Sahoo, Ranjan and Samantaray, Pinaki (2007) Study of friction welding. BTech thesis.



Friction welding(FW) is a fairly recent technique that utilizes a non-consumable welding tool to generate frictional heat and plastic deformation at the welding location, there by affecting the formation of a joint while the material is in solid state. The principal advantage of frictional welding, being a solid state process, low distortion, absence of melt-related defects and high joint strength, even in those alloys that are that are considered non-weldable by conventional welding techniques. Furthermore, friction welded joints are characterized by the absence of filler-induced problems or defects, since the technique requires no filler, and by the low hydrogen contents in the joints,an important consideration in welding steel and other alloys susceptible to hydrogen damage. FW can be used to produce butt, corner, lap, T, spot, fillet and hem joints, as well as to weld hollow objects, such as tanks and tubes or pipes, stock with different thickness, tapered section and parts with 3-dimensional contours. The technique can produce joints utilizing equipment based on traditional machine tool technologies, and it has been used to weld a variety of similar and dissimilar alloys as well as for welding metal matrix composites and for repairing the existing joints. Replacement of fastened joints with FW welded joints can lead to significant weight and cost savings, attractive propositions for many industries. This document reviews some of the FW work performed to date, presents a brief account of mechanical testing of welded joints, tackles the issue of generating joint allowables, and offers some remarks and observation. FW is a leap forward in manufacturing technology, a leap that will benefit a wide range of industries, including transportation industry in general and the airframe industry in particular.

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