Transient radiative transport in homogeneous/ non-homogeneous participating medium

Kar, Amit Bikram and Saran , Abhisek (2007) Transient radiative transport in homogeneous/ non-homogeneous participating medium. BTech thesis.



Thermal radiation is important in many applications, and its analysis is difficult in the presence of a participating medium. In traditional engineering studies, the transient term of the radiative transfer equation (RTE) can be neglected. The assumption does not lead to important errors since the temporal variations of the observables e.g. temperature are slow as compared to the time of light of a photon. However in many new applications such as pulsed LASER interaction with materials, the transient effect must be considered in the RTE. In the transient phase, the reflected and the transmitted signals have temporal signatures that persist for a time period greater than the duration of the source pulse. This could be a source of information about the properties field inside the medium. Hence sufficiently accurate solution methods are required. Predicted signals are dependent on the considered models. The results vary significantly from approximate models. In the last few years, the finite volume method (FVM) and discrete transfer method have emerged as one of the most attractive methods for modeling steady state radiative transfer. The present research work deals with the analysis of transient radiative transfer in one dimensional scattering medium using FVM. One boundary is subjected to short pulse irradiation and the other boundary is assumed to be diffused. The effects of short pulse LASER on variation of transmittance and reflectance with time have been observed for a given value of optical thickness and scattering albedo. The results obtained were in accordance with that obtained from the discrete transfer method (DTM).

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:RTE, LASER, FVM, DTM
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