Low power VLSI design of a fir filter using dual edge triggered clocking strategy

Gupta, Sakshi (2008) Low power VLSI design of a fir filter using dual edge triggered clocking strategy. MTech thesis.



Digital signal processing is an area of science and engineering that has developed rapidly over the past 30 years. This rapid development is a result of the significant advances in digital computer technology and integrated–circuit fabrication. DSP processors are a diverse group, most share some common features designed to support fast execution of the repetitive, numerically intensive computations characteristic of digital signal processing algorithms. The most often cited of these features is the ability to perform a multiply-accumulate operation (often called a "MAC") in a single instruction cycle. Hence in this project a DSP Processor is designed which can perform the basic DSP Operations like convolution, fourier transform and filtering. The processor designed is a simple 4-bit processor which has single data line of 8-bits and a single address bus of 16-bits. With a set of branch instructions the project DSP will operate as a CISC processor with strong math capabilities and can perform the above mentioned DSP operations. The application I have taken is the low power FIR filter using dual edge clocking strategy. It combines two novel techniques for the power reduction which is : multi stage clock gating and a symmetric two-phase level-sensitive clocking with glitch aware re-distribution of data-path registers. Simulation results confirm a 42% reduction in power over single edge triggered clocking with clock gating.Also to further reduce the power consumption the a low power latch circuit is used. Thanks to a partial pass-transistor logic, it trades time for energy, being particularly suitable for low power low-frequency applications. Simulation results confirm the power reduction. This technique discussed can be implemented to portable devices which needs longer battery life and to ASIC’s

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