An enhanced index-based checkpointing algorithm for distributed systems

Srikanth , E (2007) An enhanced index-based checkpointing algorithm for distributed systems. MTech thesis.



Rollback-recovery in distributed systems is important for fault-tolerant computing. Without fault tolerance mechanisms, an application running on a system has to be restarted from scratch if a fault happens in the middle of its execution, resulting in loss of useful computation. To provide efficient rollback-recovery for fault-tolerance in distributed systems, it is significant to reduce the number of checkpoints under the existence of consistent global checkpoints in index-based distributed checkpointing algorithms. Because of the dependencies among the processes states that induced by inter-process communication in distributed systems, asynchronous checkpointing may suffer from the domino effect. Therefore, a consistent global checkpoint should always be ensured to restrict the rollback distance. The quasi-synchronous checkpointing protocols achieve synchronization in a loose fashion. Index-based checkpointing algorithm is a kind of typical quasi- synchronous checkpointing mechanism. The algorithm proposed in this thesis follows a new strategy to update the checkpoint interval dynamically as opposed to the static interval used by the existing algorithms explained in the previous chapter. Whenever a process takes a forced checkpoint due to the reception of a message with sequence number higher than the sequence number of the process, the checkpoint interval is either reset or the next basic checkpoint is skipped depending on when the massage has been received. The simulation is built on SPIN, a tool to trace logical design errors and check the logical consistency of protocols and algorithms in distributed systems. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme can reduce the number of induced forced-checkpoints per message 27- 32% on an average as compared to the traditional strategies.

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