Prepartion of chitosan and its use in defluorination of water

Shur, Bhargabi (2007) Prepartion of chitosan and its use in defluorination of water. MSc thesis.



A polymer is a substance composed of molecules with large molecular mass composed of repeating structural units, or monomers, connected by covalent chemical bonds. The term is derived from the Greek words: polys meaning many, and meros meaning parts. The individual molecules which comprise a polymer are referred to as polymer molecules, where the word "polymer" functions as an adjective.Well known examples of polymers include polysacharides and celluloses.
Polymers are divided into two parts: natural polymer and synthetic polymer. Natural polymers are the natural occurring polymers generally found in living organisms and plants e.g., rubber, cellulose, polysaccharides, DNA, RNA, proteins etc. Synthetic polymers are the tailor made e.g, bakelite, MF, PF, nylon etc.

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