Microwave assisted pyrazole derivative synthesis

Dash, Binay Kumar (2007) Microwave assisted pyrazole derivative synthesis. MSc thesis.



In the past few decades, many significant advances in organic chemistry, such as the novel synthetic reagents and methods, as well as the advent of an array of analytical apparatus and techniques, have made the organic synthesis more dynamic and effective than ever before. However, the practical aspects for carrying out laboratory-scale reactions have changed little during this period. Especially when heating is necessary, oil baths and heating jackets are the main equipment used. These traditional heating techniques are slow and time-consuming, and sometimes can lead to overheating and decomposition of the substrate and product. To this end, microwaves have been employed in organic chemistry to reduce the reaction times from hours to minutes, to increase yields and selectivity1.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Pyrazoles derivative, Pyrazole
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