Implementation of controller area network and its application

Chinta, Tarani Chaitanya (2007) Implementation of controller area network and its application. MTech thesis.



The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial, asynchronous, multi-master communication protocol for connecting electronic control modules in automotive and industrial applications. CAN was designed for automotive applications needing high levels of data integrity and data rates of up to 1 Mbit/s. In this project Controller Area Network protocol is implemented using on chip Motorola Scalable Controller Area Network (MSCAN) of MC9S12DP256B 16-bit Microcontroller. The application we have taken up is “Monitoring of Temperature using LM35 based on Controller Area Network architecture”. The system is constituted of two CAN nodes, each CAN node is formed by a transceiver MC33388 and 16-bit microcontroller MC9S12DP256B. The first stage consist of the conventional sensor of temperature (LM35) that converts the room temperature into voltage signal, and then this signal is conditioned and then the signal is transmitted to the input of the A/D converter of the microcontroller. The A/D converted data is transmitted to the CAN node 2 using the CAN architecture. At node 2 the received temperature readings are displayed using an alphanumeric LCD display of size 16X2. Node 2 consists of a keypad through which user can enter the maximum operating temperature of the device. According to the maximum temperature value entered the node 2 can take decisions and controls temperature source which is at node1 by sending control signals via the CAN network as per the user In this thesis we have concerned with design techniques for implementation of CAN nodes for data monitoring and taking appropriate decision based on data in the control system. Implementation of CAN for temperature monitoring and controlling the device is successful and the same idea can be applicable to monitor tire pressure monitoring system, Adaptive Cruise control, power window and Engine management systems in Automotives. This leads to decentralization of control system in vehicles. This can be extended to industrial control applications.

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