Automated test suite–a validation package for mobile chipsets

Srikanth , Nerella (2007) Automated test suite–a validation package for mobile chipsets. MTech thesis.



With the diminishing sizes of transistors, it is now possible to incorporate complex systems on a single die. The chipsets used in mobile phone handsets are a good example of such a complex systems. The design, validation, hardware development and software development of such complex chipsets is an intricate task which also consumes lot of time. With the increasing competition, time-to-market factor plays a crucial role in the development of a product. There is a constant need for an automated platform which would help designers at various stages in the development process of a complex product with minimum efforts. Automated Test Suite (ATS) is an automated Diagnostic Test System that enables the users to automate, validation procedures for any ADI DBB (ANALOG DEVICES digital base band) chipsets and H/W platforms in a user-friendly environment. This software follows the HostTarget model ensuring easy implementation of test cases so that the user can concentrate on the testing module only. It provides good modularity and reusability with simple structure. ATS has several features, these are: • Communication between Host and Target via RS232 or USB,
• Usable with ANVIL evaluation boards
• Remote execution of test routines on target from host.
• Enables h/w platform testing – can be extended for performance and characterization testing.
• Backwards and forwards extendable to other chipset families and h/w platforms.
• Provides ‘Help’ feature for all the tests to user.
• Script based testing ensures customizable test routine development.
• Test result log - HTML based details and summary of test results
• GUI based test tool gives user-friendly interface. Debug tools have been developed for some of the Hardware modules (LED, GPIO).
This project was implemented in three phases. First phase includes the formulating of ATS architecture and provide sample implementation for LEMANS (AD6900 MSP 500) DBB. The second phase is adding new platform DIONE (AD6722 MSP 430) DBB to the existing ATS. Third phase concentrates on designing and implementing new ATS architecture for efficient performance and to reduce development time for ATS.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Mobile chipsets, ATS, ADI DBB, ANVIL, HTML, GUI
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