Performance Improvement of AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converters For
Distributed Power System

Matada , Mahesh (2011) Performance Improvement of AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converters For
Distributed Power System.
PhD thesis.

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In present situation, the increase in the utilization of computers, laptops,uninterruptable power supplies, telecom and bio-medical equipments has become uncontrollable as its growth is rising exponentially. Hence, increase in functionality of such equipments leads to the higher power consumption and low power density which provided a
large market to distributed power systems (DPS). The development of these DPS posed challenges to power engineers for an efficient power delivery with stringent regulating standards; this is the motivation and driving force of this research work. The objective is to minimize the switching losses of front-end converters employed in DPS, with the primary aim of achieving nearly unity power factor operation of converters.Single-phase and three-phase rectifiers are increasingly used in the field of alternating
current – direct current (AC-DC) power converters as front-end converters in DPS. For power factor correction (PFC) stage, conventional single-phase AC-DC PFC boost converter
is the most suitable topology because of its inherent advantages. These PFC boost converters exhibit poor dynamic regulation of output voltage owing to low pass filter in the voltage feedback loop. Research effort has been made to mitigate this problem of AC-DC PFC boost converters. An extended pulse width modulation switching technique has been investigated and proposed especially for single-phase and three-phase AC-DC PFC boost converters to improve the dynamic response of output voltage during transient periods.

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