Design and Implementation of Shunt Active Power
Line Conditioner using Novel Control Strategies

Karuppanan, P (2012) Design and Implementation of Shunt Active Power
Line Conditioner using Novel Control Strategies.
PhD thesis.



Shunt Active Power Filter (APF) or Active Power Line Conditioner (APLC) is designed and implemented for power quality improvements in terms of current harmonics and reactive-power compensation. The widespread use of non-linear loads in industrial, commercial and domestic facilities cause harmonic problems. Harmonics induce malfunctions in sensitive equipment, overvoltage by resonance, increase heat in the conductors, harmonic voltage drop across the network impedance and affects other customer loads connected at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). Active power line conditioner is implemented for compensating the harmonics and reactive-power imultaneously in the distribution system. The performance of the active power line conditioner depends on the design and characteristics of the controller adopted for APLC. The objective of this research is to find a suitable control strategy for reference current extraction as well as PWM-VSI current controller. PI / PID / FLC / PI-FLC, Fryze power theory, proposed instantaneous realpower theory, proposed sinusoidal extraction controller and modified-synchronous reference frame theory methods are utilized for extracting reference current.Furthermore, indirect PWM-current control (triangular-carrier / triangular-periodical current controller, space vector modulation controller, fixed-Hysteresis Current Controller (HCC), adaptive-HCC and adaptive-fuzzy-HCC) approach is applied to generate switching pulses of the PWM-inverter. Each reference current extraction method in conjunction with various PWM-current control techniques (or vice-versa) are simulated and investigated for the active power line conditioner. For experimental validation, the modified-synchronous reference frame with adaptive-fuzzy-HCC technique is adopted. This control algorithm is demonstrated through the TMS320F240 Digital Signal Processor for shunt APLC system.

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