Encryption & Decryption of Data in GF (13n) Field

Pujari, Abhisek and Padhi, Chandan (2009) Encryption & Decryption of Data in GF (13n) Field. BTech thesis.



Cryptography is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. Cryptography enables you to store sensitive information or transmit it across insecure networks (like the Internet) so that it cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient.
Cryptographic strength is measured in the time and resources it would require to recover the plaintext. The result of strong cryptography is cipher text that is very difficult to decipher without possession of the appropriate decoding tool.
A cryptographic algorithm, or cipher, is a mathematical function used in the encryption and decryption process. A cryptographic algorithm works in combination with a key — a word, number, or phrase — to encrypt the plaintext. The same plaintext encrypts to different cipher text with different keys. The security of encrypted data is entirely dependent on two things: the strength of the cryptographic algorithm and the secrecy of the key.
With growing dependencies on secure information transfer and data security in this information age the requirement for a strong method of securing data is always in demand.
In this project , we have tried to device a new means of securing data by encryption and decryption in GF(13). The reason for using GF(13) is that much research has been done on GF(2) but the GF(13) field is still mostly untouched. Hence there is much scope for designing versatile techniques which will be both secure and faster. This will again reduce the probability of anonymous decryption by undesirable agents. Such technique can be the future of data security with wide application in every field starting with military application, internet security, wireless data transfer and many more.

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