A study on ultrasound based transdermal drug delivery system

Maddheshiya, Sanjeet Kumar (2013) A study on ultrasound based transdermal drug delivery system. MTech thesis.



The development of an ultrasound based Transdermal drug delivery device (or sonophoresis) has received increased attention over the past few years. Meaningful enhanced carrying of model drugs such as mannitol and insulin has been determined using commercial sonicators. However, its practical use is hampered by its large size and weight of the common ultrasound transducer devices. In this project work, a remote controlled drug delivery system (sonophoresis device) with a flat flextensional ultrasound transducer was proposed. It is clearly known that low frequency ultrasound can be used to enhance transdermal drug penetration which is known as sonophoresis. Scientifically, acoustic cavitations outcome in the creation of defects in the stratum corneum allows accelerated absorption of currently applied molecules. The aim of this study was to develop a low cast optimized remotely controlled sonophoresis device with variable resonant frequency for studying Transdermal drug delivery in vitro. Following acoustic validation, 21.75 kHz ultrasound was applied for different durations (range: 5 s to1 min) using three different modes (10%, 33% or 100% duty cycles). The simulation result of first resonance frequency was found to be comparable to that of the experimental result. In comparison with the other types of sonophoresis device, it has a simple structure and its fabrication process is easy and inexpensive.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Sonophoresis; Drug delivery; Microcontroller (AT89C51);Sonophoresis device; Transdermal drug delivery system.
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