Adaptive Power Control Applying to Femtocell

Agarwal, Ankit and Dahal, Pravesh (2013) Adaptive Power Control Applying to Femtocell. BTech thesis.



Femtocells are expected to increase network capacity, extend macrocell coverage, and introduce new services. Because Femtocells share the same frequency band with macrocells in many cases, the femtocell base station (BS) must mitigate the interference with macrocells as well as ensure coverage in customer premises. However, conventional femtocell BS transmit power setting have not adequately accounted for the interference with neighbouring macrocell mobile stations (MSs), leading to small femtocell user throughout. In the paper, we describe an adaptive power level setting scheme i.e. Distributed Power Control algorithm to mitigate the interference of MSs in the basis of the received power levels. In DPC, each pair of transmitter (e.g., an MS) and receiver (e.g., the BS) does not need to know the transmit power or channel quality of any other pair. At each time slot, all it needs to know is the actual SIR it currently achieves at the receiver. Then, by taking the ratio between the fixed, target SIR and the variable, actual SIR value measured for this time slot and multiplying the current transmit power by that ratio, we get the transmit power for the next time slot. This update happens simultaneously at each pair of transmitter and receiver. This is how DPC provides adaptive nature to Femtocell.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Femtocell;Macrocell;Distributed Power Control;SINR;Interference;Path loss;Pareto Optimal
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