Analusis and Modeling of Flexible Manufacturing System

Suniya, Naveen Kumar (2013) Analusis and Modeling of Flexible Manufacturing System. MTech thesis.



Analysis and modeling of flexible manufacturing system (FMS) consists of scheduling of the system and optimization of FMS objectives. Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) scheduling problems become extremely complex when it comes to accommodate frequent variations in the part designs of incoming jobs. This research focuses on scheduling of variety of incoming jobs into the system efficiently and maximizing system utilization and throughput of system where machines are equipped with different tools and tool magazines but multiple machines can be assigned to single operation. Jobs have been scheduled according to shortest processing time (SPT) rule. Shortest processing time (SPT) scheduling rule is simple, fast, and generally a superior rule in terms of minimizing completion time through the system, minimizing the average number of jobs in the system, usually lower in-process inventories (less shop congestion) and downstream idle time (higher resource utilization). Simulation is better than experiment with the real world system because the system as yet does not exist and experimentation with the system is expensive, too time consuming, too dangerous. In this research, Taguchi philosophy and genetic algorithm have been used for optimization. Genetic algorithm (GA) approach is one of the most efficient algorithms that aim at converging and giving optimal solution in a shorter time. Therefore, in this work, a suitable fitness function is designed to generate optimum values of factors affecting FMS objectives (maximization of system utilization and maximization of throughput of system by Genetic Algorithm (GA) approach.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Flexible Manufacturing System,Genetic Algorithm, Taguchi Philosophy,
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