Analysing the Performance of Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms on Multicore Processors

Dash, Sibani Prasad and Dora, Kangala Pradeep Kumar (2013) Analysing the Performance of Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms on Multicore Processors. BTech thesis.



Multicore systems are widely gaining popularity because of the significant avail-ability and performance increase over the single core systems. Multicore systems have a lesser power consumption and heat generation than that of the multiple single core systems. The different compiler support provided by different vendors also make multicore programming one of the main area of research. The multicore programming utilises the power of multiple cores to parallelise a task. The widely used algorithm paradigms for multicore programming are the Divide and Conquer algorithms. The divide and conquer algorithms are candidate problem for the multicore programming because divide and conquer algorithm divides a problem into sub- problems which can be solved by distributing the sub-problems among the different cores and parallel solve them. A wide range of divide and conquer algorithm has been parallelized. In this paper, we have taken two of the widely used divide and conquer algorithms, quick sort and convex hull, parallel implemented them to analyse their performance gain in compared to the sequential version of the algorithm. The parallel implementations distribute the load onto the multiple cores, parallel work upon the loads and finally merge individual results of the each core. We have also proposed a scheme for efficient merging of the parallel sorted sub-arrays in the quick sort. We have taken the mean and standard deviation theory for efficient merging of the sorted sub-arrays. The OpenMP programming model has been used for the implementation of the programs. The processor architecture used for analysing the behaviour of the algorithm is a shared memory based processor

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Multicore, Divide and Conquer, Quick sort, Convex hull
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