Application Specific Secure Grouping of Vehicles in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Kumar, Ambuj (2013) Application Specific Secure Grouping of Vehicles in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network. MTech thesis.



Providing efficient, secure and reliable communication among vehicles is complicated and challenging problem. Vehicles communicate with each other (V2V communication) and Road Side Infrastructure (V2X communication) unit to provide convenient, safety and commercial service to the travelers. Similar information shared by each vehicle within close proximity creates huge network congestion. Grouping of vehicles reduces dropping of packets due to collision of sending large number of duplicate packets. Grouping concept is used in our thesis to provide different applications of VANET in a better way. We have modified grouping of vehicles according to our applications requirement and proposed an approach for vehicles to select real-time adaptive path. Vehicles choose congestion free and shortest time path to their destination. In the next section, grouping of vehicles are used to transmit event-driven safety message in emergency situations. Grouping of vehicles is efficient in this case as it needed to be very fast and highly reliable. We have added different parameters for transmitting the message to neighbors which makes it more efficient. It uses decentralized environment as it needed to works both for highway and urban scenario of the city. It helps to improve security in the message and privacy of entities in an efficient manner which are major concern in achieving robust vehicular network. In testing phase, we evaluated the performance of our proposed approach with help of VANET simulators (OMNET++, SUMO, Veins) and compared ours proposed approach with other existing methods.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:ESM; Group; Route Selection; Security; SUMO; VANET; Veins
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