Carboxy methyl chotosan modified liposomes as anti cancer drug delivery system

Pilli, Sofia (2013) Carboxy methyl chotosan modified liposomes as anti cancer drug delivery system. MTech thesis.



ABSTRACT Liposomes though successful in achieving targeted drug delivery and sustain release limitations like short circulating rates due to MPS uptake and many factors prove that there is need to modify the characteristics of the liposome in size, permeability and hydrophilicity. One of such modifications is done and characterized in this report. Surface modification of liposomes was done by using a polymer CMC (Carboxy methyl chitosan) in different proportions to preformed liposomes. Initially liposomes were prepared through sonication method and CMC solution was added in specific concentrations along with glutaraldehyde as cross linking agent. Physical Characterization of surface modified liposomes done by microscopic studies, stability studies at different temperatures such as 37°C, 4°C and -20°C along with pH. Particle size distribution and Zeta potential of normal and surface modified liposomes was analyzed using DLS. Encapsulation efficiency done with dye and drug along with release studies. Biological characterization by protein loading and release studies. Haemocompatibility was done using goat blood as it ensures the use of liposomes in Invitro studies. Invitro studies using 5-Fluoro uracil on cancer cells resulted in better cytotoxicityindex and achieved sustain release.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Liposome, Carboxy methyl, chitosan, surface modification, Haemocompatibility, Cytotoxicity.
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