Comparative performance analysis of different control structure of process

Khalkho, Rohit (2013) Comparative performance analysis of different control structure of process. MTech thesis.



This communication provides the comparative performance analysis of different control structures such as feedback only, feedback-feedforward, cascade and Internal Model Controller of process. The processes used in this project are Binary Distillation column, Heat Exchanger and Boiler Drum. Binary Distillation Column: Distillation column is a tall metal cylinder internally fitted with perforated horizontal plates used to promote separation of miscible liquids ascending in the cylinder as vapour. These columns function as process equipment where liquid or vapour mixture of two/more substance separation by application and removal of heat into its component fractions as per the desired purity requirement. Heat exchanger: It transfers the heat from a hot fluid to cooler fluid, so the primary importance of this system is to control the output temperature of heated liquid whenever there is some disturbances. Heat exchanger is generally used in chemical & process industries for efficient heating purpose of liquid steam where huge amount of heats are required & electrical heating is not economical. Boiler Drum: The primary purpose of the steam drum is to separate the saturated steam from the steam-water mixture that leaves the heat transfer surfaces and enters the drum. The steam-free water is re-circulated within the boiler with the incoming feed water for further steam generation. It is used to purify the steam by removing contaminants and residual moisture. Comparative response analysis has been studied for different control structures (feedback only, feedback-feedforward and cascade). The responses are also compared using IMC based control system and effect of tuning parameters is also studied.

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