Design of an Internal Model Controller for Binary Distillation Column

Mishra, Rakesh Kumar (2013) Design of an Internal Model Controller for Binary Distillation Column. MTech thesis.



In this report Internal Model Control, Lead- Lag based Internal Model Control and modified Internal Model Control for distillation column has been proposed. The prime objective of any industrial process is to perform efficiently with optimum cost reduction. Internal Model Control (IMC) is a commonly used technique that provides a transparent mode for the designing and easy tuning of control structure . I have designed the internal model control for binary distillation column .The transfer function has been taken from Wood and Berry model. The internal model control has been designed considering three strategies namely, process perfect, process mismatch with disturbances and process model with considering only disturbance. It has also been tried to reduce the disturbance created in the system by varying tuning parameter (ë). In the second proposal, Lead-Lag based Internal Model Control method is proposed based on Internal Model Control (IMC) strategy. We have also designed the Lead-Lag based Internal Model Control for binary distillation column. We have found the composition control and disturbance rejection using Lead-Lag based IMC and comparing with the response of generalize Internal Model Controller. Finally we have design the Modified Internal Model Structure, and find the response for binary distillation column and compare with generalize Internal Model Controller response. This thesis presents an Internal Model Control, lead- lag based internal model control and modified internal model control strategy for binary distillation column and comparing the response with each other. The aim is to provide a best strategy to control the distillation column that is favourable in terms of industrial implementation. I have used matlab software to simulate the all process.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Internal model control distillation column wood and berry Distrubance Rejection Robust control
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