Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application

Mishra, Upasana (2013) Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application. BTech thesis.



This thesis delineates the development of doped hydroxyapatite and their different characterizations. (5% CoCl2 - 5% MgCl2 w/w)-HAp and (5%Co(NO3)2-Mg(NO3)2 w/w)HAp were synthesized by slight modifications of the conventional ammoniacal precipitation method. Then their physico-chemical and biological characterizations were carried out along with the standard Hydroxyapatite. Phase content was studied by XRD analysis, different functional groups of the samples were characterized using FTIR. TGA and DSC was carried out to analyze the thermal stability of the sample. Stability studies by zeta potential measurement was also carried out. SEM was used to observe the morphology and EDAX was done to find the extent of actual dopings in the hydroxyapatite samples. The biological performance of the samples was evaluated by hemolysis test to check the haemocompatibilty of the samples, protein adsorption tests, antimicrobial study, and cytocompatibility study using MG-63 cell. Data showed that replacement of both cation and anion from hydroxyl apatite have more profound effect on biological performance of the samples.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydroxyapatite,doped,cobalt,magnesium,bone,tissue engineering
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