Development of computer controlled iontophoretic drug delivery system

kumar, Uttam (2013) Development of computer controlled iontophoretic drug delivery system. MTech thesis.



In this study, attempts were made to develop computer controlled iontophoretic drug delivery system. The iontophoretic set up was made using NI SPEEDY33 voltage buffer, constant current source and specially designed diffusion cell. The stability of constant current source was checked by varying the load resistance and measured the voltage across it. Different wave forms were generated using NI SPEEDY 33 and LABVIEW 8.6 and they were employed in the in vitro drug delivery. The effectiveness of iontophoretic set up was tested using span 80-tween 80 based sunflower oil organogels. The organogels were characterized using SEM, FTIR and XRD studies. Thermal, textural, visco-elastic and electrochemical properties of the organogels were also studied. The in vitro drug release studies were performed using different wave forms viz., sinusoidal waveform ,square waveform and triangular waveform. and also the half wave and full wave of sine waveform . The active drug release from the gels was compared against passive diffusion. The drug release followed the zero order kinetics suggesting the diffusion mediated release. The Krossmeyer-Peppas kinetics suggested the anomalous release of drugs during active diffusion of drugs. The results suggest that the developed iontophoretic set up has a huge potential in the iontophoretic drug delivery system.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:NI SPEEDY 33 , LABVIEW 8.6 , iontophoresis, organogels
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