Development of giant liposomal formulation for drug delivery and tissue engineering application

Choudhury, Binapani (2013) Development of giant liposomal formulation for drug delivery and tissue engineering application. BTech thesis.



This thesis delineates the development of giant liposomal formulation and application of drug loaded giant liposome encapsulated hydrogel as a theranostics formulation. Liposomes of varying composition of cholesterol and soy lecithin were prepared by ether infusion-homogenization method. Optimization of the composition was done on the basis of number of liposome formed at different lipid compostion and stirrer speed. Physico-chemical characterization of the giant liposome was done by morphology (microscopy) study, vesicle size distribution profile, stability studies at different pH and temperature, efficiency of drug loading, in vitro toxicity of the drug loaded liposomes and hemocompatibility.Loading of giant liposomes inside the hydrogel was done using the sodium alginate and calcium carbonate solution and 0.1 NHCl. Entrapment of giant liposome inside the hydrogel was confirmed by using fluorescence microscope. Then analysis of the mechanical properties was performed using a P3 probe at a test speed of 1mm/sec.In conclusion, giant liposome loaded hydrogel may be used as advanced pharmaceutical formulation for theranostic application.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Giant liposome, liposome encapsulated hydrogel, drug loaded liposome.
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