Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Dash, Anwesha and Jain, Karishma (2013) Energy Efficient Dynamic Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad hoc Networks. BTech thesis.



In a MANET, there is no Base Station i.e no fixed infrastructure and the nodes are free to move, thus network topology changes dynamically in an unpredictable manner. In this network each node acts both as a router and its job as an ordinary device. The major constraint of a network is the network parameters. These parameters are crucial in determining the network stability and reliability. Hence a better algorithm than the existing DSR algorithm is proposed to make the network transmission energy ecient. The major parameters on which the selection of the path depends is : (1) Node type and energy (2) Packet size (3) Delay in the network channel (4) no of hop counts required to reach the destination (5) Energy loss during transmission The conventional DSR algorithm uses any arbitrary path between the source and the destination pair. There is no parameter to judge the effectiveness of the path and this even floods the route cache with lengthier and multiple paths for the same source and destination. The EEDSR algorithm selects a node as a source node n then selects a set of node as destination. For each source and destination pair the best path is selected and then the parameters are collected. The average value of the parameters are taken over al the source and destination pair. This process is repeated for all the network of different dimension and a graph was plotted between no of nodes and the average parameter value. This algorithm not only enhances the network life but also minimises the effort required during the route maintenance phase. It even prevents back flooding of the packets and thus reduces the network congestion.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:MANET; DSR; EEDSR; hopcount; energy loss
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