Use of Image Processing Techniques to Automatically Diagnose Sickle-Cell Anemia Present in Red Blood Cells Smear

Barpanda, Siddharth Sekhar (2013) Use of Image Processing Techniques to Automatically Diagnose Sickle-Cell Anemia Present in Red Blood Cells Smear. BTech thesis.



Sickle Cell Anemia is a blood disorder which results from the abnormalities of red blood cells and shortens the life expectancy to 42 and 48 years for males and females respectively. It also causes pain, jaundice, shortness of breath, etc. Sickle Cell Anemia is characterized by the presence of abnormal cells like sickle cell, ovalocyte, anisopoikilocyte. Sickle cell disease usually presenting in childhood, occurs more commonly in people from parts of tropical and subtropical regions where malaria is or was very common. A healthy RBC is usually round in shape. But sometimes it changes its shape to form a sickle cell structure; this is called as sickling of RBC. Majority of the sickle cells (whose shape is like crescent moon) found are due to low haemoglobin content. An image processing algorithm to automate the diagnosis of sickle-cells present in thin blood smears is developed. Images are acquired using a charge-coupled device camera connected to a light microscope. Clustering based segmentation techniques are used to identify erythrocytes (red blood cells) and Sickle-cells present on microscopic slides. Image features based on colour, texture and the geometry of the cells are generated, as well as features that make use of a priori knowledge of the classification problem and mimic features used by human technicians. The red blood cell smears were obtained from IG Hospital, Rourkela. The proposed image processing based identification of sickle-cells in anemic patient will be very helpful for automatic, sleek and effective diagnosis of the disease.

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