High Speed Vehicle Detection in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Nayak, Rajendra Prasad (2013) High Speed Vehicle Detection in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network. MTech thesis.



Millions of people are dying in car accidents. Accidents occur mainly due to the alcoholic nature of the driver or due to high speed of vehicle. So, by controlling the high speed of vehicle we could decrease the number of accidents. In this thesis we propose the mechanism for detecting high speed vehicle in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET). The proposed scheme uses the position of a vehicle to compute its average speed. In order to know the surrounding condition, each vehicle periodically broadcasts its position, timing information in its communication range. When a vehicle enters the radio range of an Road Side Unit (RSU), the RSU receives the position and timing information of the vehicle and send it to the Central Server. The Central Server computes the average speed of the vehicle using time and position information received from the RSUs. When a vehicle is found to have more speed than the speed limit of the specific region, the Central Server broadcasts this information to all RSUs in its range. When the vehicle again comes into the range of an RSU, it informs the vehicle to drive within the speed limit using a warning message. When a vehicle is found violating the speed limit a number of times more than a threshold, then Central Server forwards this violation information to the Certification Authority (CA). Based on the threshold, the CA takes appropriate action on the high speed vehicle. In order to evaluate the performance of our scheme, we have used Veins hybrid simulator which works on OMNeT++ as a network simulator, Simulation of Urban mobility (SUMO) as traffic simulator. Traci is used for interlinking network simulator with road traffic simulator. By doing simulation with these simulators we have compared our scheme with that of other scheme.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:VANET, High speed, SUMO, OMNet++, VEINS, RSU, CA
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Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Computer Science
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