Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Religious Customs and Traditions: A Case Study of Rourkela

Ekka , Nancy (2013) Impact of Modernisation on Tribal Religious Customs and Traditions: A Case Study of Rourkela. MA thesis.



The objective of the study was to measure the impact of modernisation on the religious customs and traditions of the tribals residing in Rourkela. The study was confined to the four major tribes, viz. Kisan, Oraon, Kharia and Mundas, who reside in different settlements located in Rourkela. A major issue that the study reveals is the large-scale impact of modernisation and urbanisation on indigenous tribal areas of Rourkela that is rapidly eroding the age-old customs and traditions of the tribal groups. The government policy of industrializing remote areas has led to the emergence of high-tech industries and modernisation in the tribal belts. The first and major impact which tribal population faces is in the shape of loss of tribal identity through the establishment of industries that brings in development in the form of technology and its concurrent side-effects. Tribal customs and traditions come under pressure, due to contact with the town culture and a consequent change in the attitudes of the tribals in Rourkela can be seen. It can be seen that tribal religions are no longer in practice and dominant religions like Christianity and Hinduism have taken their place. Magical cures and herbs that the tribals practiced are considered archaic today. Tribal crafts and cultivation have also steadily declined. Yet, on the converse side, the benefits of modernisation also cannot be ignored which has aided the tribals from exploitation and provided them better living condition including education and health care.

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