Implementation of WiMAX physical layer baseband processing blocks in FPGA

Soreng, Bineeta (2013) Implementation of WiMAX physical layer baseband processing blocks in FPGA. MTech thesis.



This project thesis elaborates on designing a baseband processing blocks for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) physical layer using an FPGA. WiMAX provides broadband wireless access and uses OFDM as the essential modulation technique. The channel performance is badly affected due to synchronization mismatches between the transmitter and receiver ends so the transmitted signal received is not reliable as the OFDM deals with high data rate. This thesis includes the theory and concepts behind OFDM, WiMAX IEEE 802.16d standard and other blocks algorithms, its architectures used for designing as well as a presentation of how they are implemented. Here Altera’s FPGA has been used for targeting to the EP4SGX70HF35C2 device of the Stratix IV family. WiMAX use sophisticated digital signal processing techniques, which typically require a large number of mathematical computations. Here Stratix IV devices are ideally suited for these kinds of complex tasks because the DSP blocks have a combination of dedicated elements that perform multiplication, addition, subtraction, accumulation, summation, and dynamic shift operations. The WiMAX physical layer baseband processing architecture consists of various major modules which were simulated block wise in order to check its giving the correct output as required. The coding style used here is VHDL. The sub-blocks have been synthesized using Altera Quartus II v11. 0 and simulated using ModelSim Altera Edition 6.6d.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WiMAX, FPGA, OFDM, VHDL
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