Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite

Sahu, Jagannatha (2013) Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite. BTech thesis.



In current years composites have concerned considerable importance as a potential operational material. Low cost, light weights, high specific modulus, renewability and biodegradability are the most basic & common attractive features of composites that make them useful for industrial applications. With low cost, high specific mechanical properties natural fiber signifies a worthy renewable and biodegradable substitute to the most common synthetic reinforcement i.e. glass fiber. There are numerous potential natural resources in India. Most grows from the forest and agriculture. Luffa- cylindrica locally called as “sponge-gourd” is one such natural resource whose potential as fiber reinforcement in polymer composite has not been explored till date for tribological applications. Against this back ground the present research work has been commenced with an objective to explore the use of natural fiber Luffa as a reinforcement material in epoxy base. The presented work in this thesis includes study of two different problems of natural fiber composites: a) A study of favorable mechanical properties of luffa fiber in thermosetting matrix composite. b) An experimental analysis of mechanical potential of Luffa fiber reinforced composite.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:composite; luffa cyllindrica; fibers; matrix phase; reinforcing phase; epoxy; tensile and flexural strength.
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Machine Design
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