Study of Input Power Factor Correction in Single Phase AC-DC Circuit Using Parallel Boost Converter

Avisek, M.P. and ., Shubham (2013) Study of Input Power Factor Correction in Single Phase AC-DC Circuit Using Parallel Boost Converter. BTech thesis.



An ac to dc converter is t h e m o s t i m p o r t a n t p a r t o f any power supply unit used
in the all- electronic equipments that forms a considerable part of load on the utility. Power
electronic equipments are increasingly being used for power conversion, thereby injecting lower
order harmonics into the utility. As a result, the total harmonic distortion is high and input power
factor is poor. Thus, power factor correction schemes are implemented so as to make the power factor
unity thereby leading to low input current distortion. Amongst the several techniques used for PFC,
high frequency active PFC is used to get better power factor but it has drawbacks that includes
additional losses, thus reducing the overall efficiency, increase in EMI. The efficiency is improved
by reducing the losses using soft switching techniques such as ZVS and ZCS. Boost converter is
preferred because input current does not have cross-over distortion and it is continuous. In this
project, a control technique for boost converter is proposed. This is based on hysteresis-control scheme
in which two sinusoidal current references are generated namely IP,ref, IV,ref, such that one is for the peak
and the other is for the valley of the inductor current. In this control technique, when the inductor
current goes below the lower reference IV,ref
the switch is turned on and is turned off when the inductor
current goes above the upper reference IP,ref, thereby giving rise to a variable frequency control. To avoid
too high switching frequency, the switch should be kept open near the zero crossing of the line voltage
so introducing dead times in the line current. Thus, we can say that by using hysteresis controlled boost
converter PFC , power factor of an AC-DC converter can be increased.

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