Studies on major elements of an elevated metro bridge

A, Kuppumanikandan (2013) Studies on major elements of an elevated metro bridge. MTech thesis.



A metro system is a railway transport system in an urban area with a high capacity, frequency and the grade separation from other traffic. An elevated metro system is more preferred type of metro system due to ease of construction and also it makes urban areas more accessible without any construction difficulty. An elevated metro system has two major elements pier and box girder. The present study focuses on two major elements, pier and box girder, of an elevated metro structural system. Conventionally the pier of a metro bridge is designed using a force based approach. During a seismic loading, the behaviour of a single pier elevated bridge relies mostly on the ductility and the displacement capacity. It is important to check the ductility of such single piers. Force based methods do not explicitly check the displacement capacity during the design. The codes are now moving towards a performance-based (displacement-based) design approach, which consider the design as per the target performances at the design stage. Performance of a pier designed by a Direct Displacement Based Design is compared with that of a force-based designed one. The design of the pier is done by both force based seismic design method and direct displacement based seismic design method in the first part of the study. In the second part, a parametric study on behaviour of box girder bridges is carried out by using finite element method. The finite element model is validated with model of Gupta et al. (2010). The parameters considered to present the behaviour of Single Cell Box Girder, Double Cell Box Girder and Triple Cell Box Girder bridges are radius of curvature, span length and span length to the radius of curvature ratio. These parameters are used to evaluate the responses of box girder bridges namely, longitudinal stresses at the top and bottom, shear, torsion, moment, deflection and fundamental frequency of three types of box girder bridges.

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