Load frequency control of power system

Behera, Niranjan (2013) Load frequency control of power system. MTech thesis.



In case of an interconnected power system, any small sudden load change in any of the areas causes the fluctuation of the frequencies of each and every area and also there is fluctuation of power in tie line. The main goals of Load Frequency control (LFC) are, to maintain the real frequency and the desired power output (megawatt) in the interconnected power system and to control the change in tie line power between control areas. So, a LFC scheme basically incorporates a appropriate control system for an interconnected power system, which is heaving the capability to bring the frequencies of each area and the tie line powers back to original set point values or very nearer to set point values effectively after the load change. This is achieved by the use of conventional controllers. But the conventional controllers are heaving some demerits like; they are very slow in operation, they do not care about the inherent nonlinearities of different power system component, it is very hard to decide the gain of the integrator setting according to changes in the operating point. Advance control system has a lot of advantage over conventional integral controller. They are much faster than integral controllers and also they give better stability response than integral controllers. In this proposed research work advanced control technique (optimal controller, optimal compensator) and IMC-PID control technique has been applied for LFC of two area power systems. The optimal controllers and compensators are capable of working without full state feedback and at the presence of process and measurement noise. The IMC-PID controller is capable of giving better response and is applicable under different nonlinearities.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Linear Quadraatic Regulator(LQR), Kalman Filter, Linear Quadratic Gaussian(LQG), Internal Model Control(IMC)
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