SGIRP: A Secure and Greedy Intersection-Based Routing Protocol for VANET using Guarding Nodes

Bhoi, Sourav Kumar (2013) SGIRP: A Secure and Greedy Intersection-Based Routing Protocol for VANET using Guarding Nodes. MTech thesis.



Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is an advance wireless technology in the field of wireless communication to provide better Intelligent Transportation Services (ITS). It is an emerging area of research in the field of vehicular technology for its high mobility and high link disruption. VANET provides better road services to the end users by providing safety to the passengers and drivers. Multimedia sharing, e-shopping, safety systems, etc. are some of ITS services provided by VANET. VANETs are strongly affected by link disruption problem for their high mobility and randomness. Security is also a main issue in VANET nowadays, which degrades the network performance. In this thesis, we present a Secure and Greedy Intersection-Based Routing Protocol (SGIRP) to transmit the data securely from source (S) to the destination (D) in a shortest path. For this, we have set Guarding Nodes (GNs) at every intersection to relay the packet from one intersection to other in a secure manner. GN helps in calculating the updated shortest paths to D, protects the network from malicious attacks by using authentication scheme and also recovers the network from Communication Voids (CV). GN plays an important role in transmitting the data from S to D in a fast and secure way. At last, we evaluate our proposed SGIRP protocol by deriving and proving the lemmas related to the protocol. It is also proved that SGIRP protocol shows better performance than Gytar protocol in terms of shorter time delay (T).

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:VANET, Guarding Node, Security, Communication Void
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