Seismic Design of Multistoried and Multi Bay Steel Building Frame

Pratheek, Bellam and kar, Rishit (2013) Seismic Design of Multistoried and Multi Bay Steel Building Frame. BTech thesis.



The seismic design of building frame presented in this project is based on IS 1893-2002 and IS 800 .The aim of the present work is to analyze a multistory and multi bay (G+5) moment resisting building frame for earthquake forces following IS 1893 and then design it as per IS 800:2007 .The frame consists of six story’s and has three bays in horizontal direction and five bays in lateral direction. The selection of arbitrary sections have been done following a standard procedure. The two methods that have been used for analysis are Equivalent static load method and Response Spectrum method .A comparative study of the results obtained from both these methods have been made in terms of story displacement ,inter story drift and base shear . The frame has also been further checked for P-∆ analysis and required correction in moments have been done following IBC code .Then the steel moment resisting frame has been designed following IS-800:2007 based on these methods of analysis. In the process of design the section has undergone numerous iterations till all the criteria mentioned in the IS 800 have been satisfied. The designed frame was again analyzed and results were compared in terms of sections used. The cost efficiency of both the methods have been compared .Finally the design of connection of an interior joint and an exterior joint of the frame have been done and the calculations have been shown. Also the design of the foundation which consists of the base plate has been done according to IS 800:2007.Relevant calculations have been shown and the figures have been drawn. The software used for analysis and design is STAAD PRO .Both during design and analysis sufficient manual calculations have been made and compared.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:lateral force method; response spectrum method; storey drift; storey shear; p-delta analysis; connection design
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