Modeling and Validation of Transmission Range Adjustment Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Using Colored Petri Nets

Arya, Riju (2013) Modeling and Validation of Transmission Range Adjustment Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Using Colored Petri Nets. MTech thesis.



The interest, research and development in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is increasing day by day. In WSN the sensor nodes play the role of routers in broadcasting. One of the simplest way in broadcasting in WSN is flooding in which all the sensor nodes relay the data packets once with their full transmission range to attain the full network coverage. But as we know sensor nodes operate on limited battery power, resulting in wastage of power resources due to transmission at full power. So flooding proves itself to be an inefficient broadcasting technique. So there must be some other efficient techniques to solve the problem of minimum or lesser transmission energy broadcasting. In the WSN nodes have capabilities of adjust their transmission range in a limit, as lesser transmission range leads us to more number of transmission but lesser power consumption at individual node. We try to cover both the aspects of WSN, that the nodes can be stationary or moving. We uses the concept of an optimal transmission radius, computed with a hexagonal tiling of the network area, that minimizes the total power consumption for a broadcasting task. We assume energy consumption for both the packet transmission and receptions. In this thesis a Local Minimum Spanning Tree (LMST) algorithm is used to generate a LMST tree for the specified network area. In LMST we generate a fully connected graph containing all the sensor nodes with minimum sum of edge lengths. The idea behind using the minimum edge length( i.e. minimum transmission range) is that, transmission energy å transmission range. For thesis purpose MATLAB is used to generate the LMST and to calculate the energy spent in broadcasting, and CPN is used to validate the LMST generated by MATLAB. CPN is a formal languagefs product which can validate the working of any algorithm or the protocol designed by any simulator.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Transmission Range; Colored Petri Nets(CPN); Wireless Sensor Network(WSN)
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