Modeling of extrusion through curve die

Pachalasiya, Mahendra Singh (2013) Modeling of extrusion through curve die. MTech thesis.



Extrusion is a metal forming process, In this process the material is pushed or drawn through a die of desired cross-section to create long object of a fixed cross-section area, extrusion may be continuous ( producing infinitely long material ) or semi continuous (producing many pieces). The extrusion process can be done with the material hot or cold. There is gradual deformation which results in the uniform microstructure. Anon-linear converging cosine dies profiles are used for square to square extrusion process. Extrusion through mathematically contoured die plays a critical role in improvement of surface finish of extruded product. The cosine die profile designed using CATIA, Solidworks and MATLAB was used to find out the coordinate of the cosine die profile and solid model was generated using CATIA the STL files of extrusion dies generated by solid work and CATIA. The STL files are used in DEFORM-3D Software for FEM simulation. The work piece, punch and container with cosine die profiles are used in DEFORM-3D software for simulation purpose. Extrusion was assumed to be isothermal condition, for extrusion purpose Al-6062 work material are used in DEFORM-3D Software. FEM modeling determine damage Strain-effective (mm/mm), strain rate-effective ((mm/mm)/sec), stress-effective (MPa), stress-Max principal (MPa), Velocity Total Vel (mm/sec) and Temperature (C0). The results optioned during FEM simulation of Al-6062[FEA] are compared with the FEM simulation results of Tellurium Led [FEA]. For Extrusion process of Al-6062, the Extrusion load and pressure are more as compared to extrusion of Tellurium Lead under same percentage of Reductions and comparisons of load and pressure between Aluminium and Tellurium Lead during deformation process.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Aluminium 6062 (Al-6062 Alloy) CATIA; Cosine Die Profile;Die-design; DEFORM-3D Software; Extrusion; FEM modeling and simulation;MATLAB
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Production Engineering
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