Modelling of loads in power flow analysis

Kanungo, Sibasish (2013) Modelling of loads in power flow analysis. BTech thesis.



The present predicament of electrical power system engineering mainly includes the problems like blackout, power scarcity, ineptness of meeting the necessary demand of power, load shedding etc. As a result new power plants are designed or old ones are extended and upgraded. Load flow analysis plays a vital role in both the above mentioned cases. The power flow analysis provides the nodal voltages and phase angles and hence the power injected at all the buses and power flows through interconnecting power channels. The optimal power flow is used to optimize the load flow solutions of large scale power system. This is done by minimizing the selected objective functions while maintaining an acceptable limit in terms of generator capabilities and the output of the corresponding devices. Recent decades have seen a significant development in the fields of power generation transmission and distribution systems. Although these developments have played an important role in today’s scenario, there still exists a field where the scope of developments still persists. Generally loads are taken as constant sink for both reactive and active power; Where as in reality, the load power consumption depends magnitude of voltage and frequency deviations. Optimal Power Flow studies incorporating load modelling is a major tool for minimizing generation and transmission losses, generation costs and maximizing the system efficiency. This thesis focuses on incorporation of load model in OPF analysis and comparing the results obtained with those obtained from OPF studies without incorporating load models.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Load Modelling, Load Flow, Static Load Model, Dynamic Load model
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