Performance Enhancement of Power Line Communication Using OFDM and CDMA

Goyal, Anuj (2013) Performance Enhancement of Power Line Communication Using OFDM and CDMA. MTech thesis.



Power line communication has been emanated as one of the most enduring means of communication for smart grid applications especially while considering the biggest advantage i.e. an already established infrastructure, therefore sending out the control information over the same network will add only a little cost and hence opens the door for a plethora of applications. The communication over Power Line is not so new when we are concerned about generation, transmission or deliverance of power but here our main concern is control and management of power rather than transmission or deliverance of power and this purpose can only be accomplished if we are utilizing the available resources in an efficient manner which in turn is dependent on the fast and effective transmission of data or control information over these channels. To ensure the fulfilment of these requisites there is a requirement to analyse the basic topological connections and the circuit modelling and thus determined the various control and traffic problems associated with the transmission of this information which usually varies according to applications. Therefore OFDM (BPSK, QPSK, and QAM) has been utilized for the purpose of analysis of the channel performance while ensuring the speed and robustness of the channel to be the main criteria for any kind of services or applications .Moreover there usually arises a problem of power failure and reliable communication over remote locations and therefore the solution for it is an interfacing between wired and wireless communication technologies and hence in the thesis work, a comparison of the bit error probability had been shown between the performance of the channel while using OFDM and CDMA and this comparison provides an solution to choose the technology according to the requirement of application .

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