Modeling and Analysis of a Self Excited Induction Generator Driven by a Wind Turbine

Subhramanyam , CH (2013) Modeling and Analysis of a Self Excited Induction Generator Driven by a Wind Turbine. MTech thesis.



Wind energy is one of the most important and promising source of renewable energy all over the
world, mainly because it is considered to be non-polluting and economically viable. At the same time there
has been a rapid development of related wind energy technology. However in the last two decades, wind
power has been seriously considered to supplement the power generation by fossil fuel and nuclear methods.
The control and estimation of wind energy conversion system constitute a vast subject and are more
complex than those of dc drives. Induction generators are widely preferable in wind farms because of its
brushless construction, robustness, low maintenance requirements and self protection against short circuits.
However poor voltage regulation and low power factor are its weaknesses.

A large penetration of wind generation into the power system will mean that poor power quality and
stability margins cannot be tolerated from wind farms. This paper presents modeling, simulation and
transient analysis of three phase self-excited induction generator (SEIG) driven by a wind turbine. Three
phase self-excited induction generator is driven by a variable-speed prime mover such as a wind turbine for
the clean alternative renewable energy in rural areas. Transients of machine self-excitation under three
phase balanced load conditions are simulated using a Matlab/Simulink block diagram for constant, step
change in wind speed and random variation in wind speed.

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