A Centralized Clustering approach for Wireless Sensor Networks

Choudhury, Manisha (2014) A Centralized Clustering approach for Wireless Sensor Networks. BTech thesis.



Wireless Sensor Networks consists of hundreds and thousands of micro sensor nodes that monitor a remote environment by data aggregation from individual nodes and transmitting this data to the base station for further processing and inference. The energy of the battery operated nodes is the most vulnerable resource of the WSN, which is depleted at a high rate when information is transmitted, because transmission energy is dependent on the distance of transmission. In a clustering approach, the Cluster Head node looses a significant amount of energy during transmission to base station. So the selection of Cluster Head is very critical. An effective selection protocol should choose Cluster Heads based on the geographical location of node and its remaining energy. In this work a centralized protocol for Cluster Head selection in WSN is discussed, which is run at the base station, thus reducing the nodes' energy consumption and increasing their life-time. The primary idea is implemented using a fuzzy-logic based selection of Cluster Head from among the nodes of network, which is concluded depending on two parameters, the current energy of the node and the distance of the node from the base station. The protocol is named LEACH-C(ED)-Centralized LEACH based on Energy and Distance, and is run periodically at the base station where a new set of cluster heads are selected at every round, thus distributing the energy load in the network and increasing the network lifetime. The simulation results show that the proposed approach is more effective than the existing LEACH-Centralized protocol.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Wireless sensor networks, Cluster Head, micro sensors, network lifetime, LEACH, LEACH-C
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