A survey on group signature schemes

Mishra, S and Sahoo, T R (2014) A survey on group signature schemes. BTech thesis.



Group Signature, extension of digital signature, allows members of a group to sign messages on behalf of the group, such that the resulting signature does not reveal the identity of the signer. Any client can verify the authenticity of the document by using the public key parameters of the group. In case of dispute, only a designated group manager, because of his special property, is able to open signatures, and thus reveal the signer’s identity. Its applications are widespread, especially in e-commerce such as e-cash, e-voting and e-auction. This thesis incorporates the detailed study of various group signature schemes, their cryptographic concepts and the main contributions in this field. We implemented a popular group signature scheme based upon elliptic curve cryptosystems. Moreover, the group signature is dynamic i.e. remains valid, if some members leave the group or some new members join the group. Full traceability feature is also included in the implemented scheme. For enhanced security the the scheme implements distributed roles of the group manager. We also analysed various security features, formal models, challenges and cryptanalysis of some significant contributions in this area.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:anonymity; eliptic curve; digital signature; unforgeability; discrete logarithm
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