Analysis of cd44 expression in oral cancer tissue

Dehury, S (2014) Analysis of cd44 expression in oral cancer tissue. MSc thesis.



Oral cancer is the sixth most frequently occurring cancer worldwide. The recurrence of oral cancer purported to Cancer Stem cells. Prospective identification, characterization, and isolation of markers is an important aspect in the potential identification and isolation of CSCs. CD44, a hyaluronic acid receptor, is one of the most commonly studied surface markers, which is expressed by almost every tumour cell. The expression of CD44 in oral cancer tissue was analysed by using immunohistochemical technique. Three different groups of oral cancer tissue were taken i.e. well differentiated, moderately differentiated, & poorly differentiated. The poorly differentiated tissue have high metastasis properties so the expression of the marker is very high on those tissues as compare two other two. From the IHC study we found that the CD44 stem cell marker is highly expressed in poorly differentiated oral cancer tissue, moderately expressed in moderately differentiated tissue and the expression profile is relatively low in well differentiated oral cancer tissue.

Item Type:Thesis ( MSc)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Cancer Stem Cells, Stem cell marker, CD44,Immunohistochemistry
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