Assessment and modelling of water quality near mine sites

Hota, M (2014) Assessment and modelling of water quality near mine sites. BTech thesis.



Introduction: One of the real effects of mining techniques is the defilement of water bodies through mine water waste, spillage of water presented to minerals, water from soil stacks, corrosive mine seepage and mine water rebound. Water is the most critical component of eco-framework and it is subsequently basic to focus and moderate the impacts of mining operation on the same. Additionally, contaminated water has a lot of physical, chemical and physiological consequences for all living creatures. For this, it is imperative to distinguish the critical parameters in the water test which is the extent of the study. Sampling: Samples are collected from different locations near iron-ore mines spread in Sundargarh district of Odisha. Both surface and ground water samples are collected to check whether mining activities is having some impacts on them or not. The samples are analysed through a series of experiments for assessing the physical and chemical parameters such as pH, Turbidity, TDS, DO, BOD, Nitrate, Sulphate, Chloride, Conductivity etc. After determining the parameters, the water quality index is being found out to assess the pollution efficiency of the water samples. Water quality index is one of the most used tool of water quality modelling. There are a lot of water quality index used now a days. Among them two most reliable are being used for the analysis of the samples. They are 1. National Sanitation Fund Water Quality Index (NSF-WQI) 2. Weighted Arithmetic Water Quality Index (WA-WQI) Conclusion: As per the observations, it is seen that te surface water is more contaminated compared to ground water.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Water quality index; WA-WQI; NSF-WQI; BOD; DO
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