Automatic Test Case Generation using Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Testing

Anand, Komal (2014) Automatic Test Case Generation using Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Testing. MTech thesis.



An automated test generation technique is used to reduce the effort for software test. Modified Condition/decision Coverage (MC/DC) is a type of white box testing technique which is used to show the coverage by proving all the conditions are involved in the predicate can affect the predicate value. MC/DC is a standard condition/decision coverage technique. For automated test input data generation, we are using an advanced code transformer which is an improvement on Boolean code transformer and Program code transformer by using Modified Quine Mccluskey Method for Sum of product Minimization technique over the tabular method as well as the Quine Mccluskey method. By which the number of comparisons reduces and helps to achieve the increased MC/DC Coverage. In this research work, we represent the coverage analysis for evaluating Modified Condition/Decision Coverage percentage. Basically, this research work is based on three modules. First module shows the coverage percentage analysis for Advanced Program Code Transformer (APCT). APCT is the modified version of Program Code Transformers. APCT uses modified Quine McCluskey method which is an optimization of Quine McCluskey method based on E-sum used for minimization of sum of product by which number of comparisons reduces. Second module shows the coverage analysis for the CONCOLIC Tester CREST Tool. Third module shows the analysis for Coverage Analyzer. In this paper, we have experimented 6 complex C programs and achieved variation of 3.81% average MC/DC coverage percentage after comparing with program code transformer(PCT) and Advanced program code transformer(APCT).

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Software Testing; Coverage Analyzer; Concolic Tester; Advanced Program Code Transformer; MC/DC
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