WiseMAC protocol for wireless sensor network-an energy efficient protocol

Kumar, A (2014) WiseMAC protocol for wireless sensor network-an energy efficient protocol. MTech thesis.



Wireless Sensor Networks are very useful in case of distance or unreachable areas. WSN are having large number of nodes (sensors) which are randomly distributed. These sensors are primarily used to process data and connected through wireless channel. The processing, transmission and reception and sensing the channel need power. This power is given to nodes by their batteries. So the problem in front of us is to reduce power consumption by these nodes. Some areas are very far and some areas are unreachable like valley or hill areas. Thus it is not possible in some cases to replace or change the battery. Our focus is to make a protocol which makes these nodes work with lesser battery power. There are so many MAC layer protocols which work for this purpose but they too are not energy efficient. These protocols are based on CSMA. Here in this report we have proposed WiseMAC protocol which is also based on CSMA but with preamble sampling. This protocol shows very good reduction in power consumption. For this we used some more schemes with the existing WiseMAC protocol, these schemes are more bit and extended more bit. Our WiseMAC protocol is an asynchronous protocol and works very well in case of adaptive traffic conditions. To make WiseMAC energy efficient we are here focusing to reduce preamble sampling duration and this done with reducing duty cycle and contention window of our proposed protocol. As we have implemented Adaptive WiseMAC protocol so we are focusing that this will help in body are network (BAN) for medical purposes. Although a lot of works have been done but still more work has to be done

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WiseMAC, ad-hoc, contention window, energy efficiency, MAC protocol
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