Study and RTDS implementation of some controllers for performance and power quality improvement of an induction motor drive system

Singh, M (2013) Study and RTDS implementation of some controllers for performance and power quality improvement of an induction motor drive system. PhD thesis.



The present research work is directed to study of some controllers for design, modelling, simulation and RTDS implementation of induction motor (IM) drive system to identify suitable controller for high performance.Initially dynamic modelling and simulation of a feedback linearization scheme for high performance IM drive is carried out. The flux measurement required in this scheme is achieved using flux estimator rather sensor to simplify the system. The complexity and calculation involved in reference frame transformation is taken care by implementing the scheme in stationary reference frame. Two linear and independent subsystems: (i) Electrical and (ii) Mechanical are created by linearizing control scheme. The systematic design of closed loop control scheme using Proportional Integral (PI) controller is developed for implementation. To take care of uncertainties in the system the Fuzzy controller is added to speed controller.
Sliding Mode (SM) controller considered to be a robust control strategy is designed and developed for IM drive. A procedure of finding gain and bandwidth of the controller is developed to take care of model inaccuracies, load disturbances and rotor resistance variation. During practical implementation of this controller for IM
leads to oscillations and of state variable chattering due to presence of limiter and PWM inverter in the system.
Iterative Learning controller (ILC) introduced in recent time is gaining popularity due to capability to take care of short comings of Sliding Mode controller. Feedback
and feed forward Iterative Learning controller combining fuzzy logic is designed and developed. The MATLAB/SIMULINK model of IM drive with controllers designed are simulated under various possible operating conditions. A comparative study of three controllers is carried out in similar situation and the response of the drive system is presented.Normally we neglect stability aspect of IM while investigating procedure for performance improvement of IM drive. Stability study of IM in open loop and closed
vii loop conditions using Lyapunov criteria and also considering the power balance equation are presented.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Induction Motor, Controllers, High performance drive, Fuzzy logic,MATLAB simulation, Real Time Digital Simulation, Uncontrolled ac-dc converter,Power filter, Thyristor switched capacitor, Harmonic mitigation, Reactive power.
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