Characterization of garlic skin and its evaluation as biomaterial

Nagorao, Sugave Dattaram (2014) Characterization of garlic skin and its evaluation as biomaterial. BTech thesis.



In this project, we have investigated the scope of using garlic skin as biomaterial. The study delineates the physico-chemical and biological characterization of garlic skin. FTIR characterization was done to identify the reactive functional groups present in the skin. Chemical composition (Total carbohydrate, cellulose and protein contents) of the skin was estimated using the standard protocols. FTIR analysis showed the presence of sulphur compounds. Total carbohydrate content was 26.58%. Total cellulose content in garlic skin was 18.62 %. Total protein content in garlic skin was approximately 0.4%. XRD analysis showed that garlic skin has highly regular arrangement of garlic skin. Modification of surface properties was done by treating it with various chemicals like water, acetone, ethanol, HCl and NaOH. The NaOH treatment lead to the generation of micro patterned nano structured surface. The impedance analysis confirmed the capacitive nature of garlic skin. For studying the biological properties of garlic skin, hemocompatiablity and total protein adsorption was done. These preliminary studies implied that garlic skin could be used as a biomaterial.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Garlic skin,Biomaterial,Charecterization,SEM,XRD,FTIR
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Biomedical Engineering
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