Comparative study on cellulase production using fresh and sea water media using fusarium subglutinans MTCC 11891

D, Sharmila (2014) Comparative study on cellulase production using fresh and sea water media using fusarium subglutinans MTCC 11891. MTech thesis.



Cellulase is one of the most required industrial enzymes and it is the costliest process in bio fuel production. The present research work is based on the production of cellulase enzyme from agricultural waste like rice straw. Sea water was used as a media with the help of Fusarium subglutinans. The fungal strain was isolated from harvested rice straw and cellulose was produced by DNS method. The pre-treatment of rice straw was done using alkali treatment and minced well to make the cellulose structure to be simple. The morphology of the pre-treated rice straw was observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The sea water was characterized using atomic adsorption spectroscopy to find the presence of metal ions like iron, cobalt, zinc which is essential for the growth of fungus. The enzyme production was carried out by submerged fermentation in a shaker incubator at 37¢ªC for 21 days. The production was estimated at regular interval of time by reducing sugar analysis of cellulose to glucose. The enzyme produced was characterized using filter paper assay and analysed for its activity in different environments like pH, temperature and metal ions (copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, iron). The produced enzyme was then purified using anion exchange chromatography and checked for its activity. The production and activity of the enzyme was found to be better when compared to normal strains. When 5 mM metal ions like iron and manganese was added, the activity was even more than normal strain. The purified enzyme can be used for the hydrolysis of cellulose in juice production, as animal feed and the unprocessed enzyme can be used for bio fuel production and paper pulp industry.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Cellulose,DNS assay,Fusariun subglutinans,Chromatography, Bio-fuel production.
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