Control of Multi Tank System and their Performance analysis

Singh, A K (2014) Control of Multi Tank System and their Performance analysis. MTech thesis.



A multi tank level control system has an example of interacting and non-interacting system. In this system, we have considered three tanks each having equal cross section area and each tank can be assumed as a first order system which are connected in interacting and various non-interacting mode. The control system is intended to maintain the level of the third tank at some predefined value irrespective of changes of inflow of first tank. Conventional PID controller is a powerful controller used in process industries to regulate and control process variables. In this work, we also consider the effect of the disturbance on the response of the system. According to these disturbances, we need to implement feed forward controller with better tuning algorithm. Thus, we implement transfer function of above system and behavior is observed with step input. Control of the level in the tank and flow in between them is basic problem in process control industries almost all the chemical industries are connected in cascade for storage of liquid and for other chemical processes. all the tank have their own manipulated variable to control liquid level inside the tank so in this section we are analyze the response of various type of tank, like conical, rectangular etc. the response of these tank which are connected in interacting and non interacting mode are observed with applying step input and response these system is improved by designing various type of controller like feedback controller and feed-forward controller. Effect of interaction is also observed and the effect of this interaction is minimized by designing a de-coupler circuit

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
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